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Before You Move to Canada.

Congratulations on moving to Canada! Moving into a new country is an exciting time, but this transition also requires proper immigration paperwork, healthcare coverage, financial planning, tax planning and investment management.

All of this can seem overwhelming. At Transition Financial,
we have specialists to assist you in all stages of this exciting transition, from start to finish. Consult The Transition Toolbox before you move.

Immigration / Citizenship Planning

When moving to Canada, you must have a legal means (valid permit) of entering and remaining in Canada. In order to work, you require a Valid Work Visa (not to be confused with a Visitor’s Visa). We will help ensure that you have all of your documentation in order, wtihout any question, so that you and your famliy can cross the border to your new home with confidence.

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Wills & Estates

Have you had your will adjusted to reflect your new country of residence?
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Canada’s Health Care System

Although Canada has Universal Health Care, there are some caveats to this.

There are still some premiums and often co-pays depending on the province you reside in, and don’t forget, the taxes are higher in Canada than the U.S. to pay for the universal healthcare system.

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Filing Your Taxes

The US is one of two countries in the world that taxes based on
citizenship rather than on residency. If you are a US citizen or Green Card holder moving to Canada, you must continue filing US tax returns and declare your worldwide income, no matter where you live. But you also have to file Canadian Taxes.

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Investment Services

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In order to work or live in Canada, everyone in your family must have a SIN. The SIN will be required by your employer and the government to file a tax return or pay Child Tax Benefits

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Detailed Information

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about your particular situation. Please contact us and a representative will be in touch soon.

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