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As you may have come to realize, information on Canada/US tax and financial matters is in short supply in Canada and the US, never mind trying to find a qualified professional in your local area. The reason is the government authorities barely know it, there is no school to learn it and it takes Canada/US transition planners 5+ years to develop through on the job experience. Further, it is rarer yet that these advisors have lived in Canada and the US to build up their own personal experiences and expertise on both sides of the border. We have all of this and have been doing it since 2001. Here are some other differences on how we stand out from any other financial advisory firms:

1. One Stop Services – Whether it be Canada/US tax planning and preparation, managing stranded investments in Canada (RRSPs/RRIFs) or the US (IRAs/401ks) or helping you design an estate plan for heirs living in the other country, we are the only firm that can service all of your financial needs in one company, with one knowledgeable point of contact.

2. Personal Approach – Traditional financial firms have opulent offices, in exclusive parts of town filled with large numbers of well dressed employees ushering you into a meticulous boardroom containing a large oak table, leather chairs, cherry-wood walls and marble floors where you are offered the finest selection of beverages. Your “financial team” takes a seat on one side of the table as you take a seat on the other where by now, you are secretly admiring how well-groomed and well-dressed they are. They begin to espouse the size of the firm, how many awards they have won and the countless folks they have helped. Then . . . they provide their fee estimate! Now you know who is paying for it.

We have designed the firm of the future which enables us to manage our money like we manage yours . . . with prudence and where we can get a return. Opulent offices? We say no! We work out of home offices with office space available as needed. We meet across our desks where the conversation starts with you, and what you are trying to achieve, not about us or some tax savings. Armani suits, slick hair and Rolex watches? Nope! You will find us dressed in a nice pair of khaki pants and a button down shirt offering you a coffee or pop in a relaxed, casual environment to minimize the formality and intimidation these other firms use. This fosters a comfortable environment where we can get to know you, talk about your personal situation, how we can help and whether we should commence a journey together. Its about establishing trust so we can build a relationship! Many of our clients have hired us sight unseen because of our geographic differences but our investment in technology allows us to be right there with you all along the way. The result? A fee estimate that makes sense for everybody involved.

3. Direct Access to the Experts – When you talk to our firm, you talk directly to an experienced, qualified expert . . . not some associate learning the business. We are a small firm that has grown selectively over the years to ensure we maintain a high level of service and a thorough understanding of your financial situation.

4. People That Live It – Our transition planners continue to work and live in both Canada and the US and have unique credentials on both sides of the border. This means we can bring our real-life insights, in addition to those gleaned from other clients, to your service. We can walk beside you every step of the way.


5. Our Transition Experience™ – We have helped hundreds of Canada/US clients over the years and as a result, have perfected a unique comprehensive planning process. Our proven approach ensures we cover all the details so you maximize the opportunities and minimize the pitfalls in your complex Canada/US financial situation. Knowing nothing has been missed, you will gain confidence in moving forward with your transition, giving you peace of mind along the way.

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6. Our Network – Since we live and continue to work in both countries, we have built a large network of family, friends and professional relationships across the United States and Canada. No matter what your situation, we have someone who can be brought to the table to advise on it!

There are a larger number of folks that focus on preparing tax returns, but very few that can pull all aspects of your tax, estate, investment and financial picture together in a coordinated, Canada/US financial plan aimed at achieving your objectives. How does your advisor stack up? Click here to receive a free Transition Planner Interview Checklist!