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Today, it seems everyone is calling themselves a “financial planner” or “financial advisor.” In our opinion, no industry has pillaged a term and created such confusion as the financial services industry and the term financial planner. Any relationship has trust as its underpinnings. This requires a strict upholding of the fiduciary responsibility to you. A fiduciary is defined as “of or relating to a holding of something in trust for another.” This means your interests are put ahead of the financial planner’s. We believe the best way to fulfill this responsibility to you as a financial advisor is to be fee-only. This removes as many conflicts as possible and puts us firmly on your side. We start by having a conversation about you and what you are trying to achieve, not a particular product or tax saving strategy that “fits” into your situation. From there, our role is a quarterback to coordinate the bevy of attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, stockbrokers, etc. to ensure your best interests are served at all times, and to focus everyone on the achievement of your goals and objectives. When you’re ready, introduce yourself. We’ll have a conversation and see if there is a fit.